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The journey according to the words of Reza

My life as a nomad has made me a citizen of the world. And, as such, I attach great importance to the education of children as a powerful way to push against the boundaries of ignorance and make the world a better place. My hope for this better world is the source of my motivation and dedication for my life-long fight against injustice. My humanitarian commitment is the force driving me in this journey, as I try to raise awareness about the importance of children’s education.
My dream for my children is a world without war , injustice or boundaries. Each one of my actions represents a brick in the actualization of this desire. Beyond an intimate adventure with my son, which I hope will deepen our relationship with one another, this journey will be that of a continual witnessing through photography, video, sound and writing. Through this dialogue with my son, I will share with him my belief in the saying:“We do not inherit the Earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”

The journey according to Delazad

The world has become my school of life and my home. My friends are like me – here and elsewhere, from the East and the West.
I want a better world for all children . This journey is the first real gift given to me: a reward of patience. I am proud that my father has kept his promise. For me, this journey by train, stopping in small villages and meeting young people like me, will be about trying to understand their life and their dreams, and about listening to musicians of the world, to the sound of their cultures, and talking to them, encircled by their instruments.