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A traveler, a witness, an idealist and a humanist. A man who has traveled to more than one-hundred countries, covering numerous conflicts, revolutions and human suffering. A storyteller who speaks through images, through light and shadow, color and faces, tragedy and hope. An internationally known photojournalist, who has worked for National Geographic Magazine since 1991.
A lecturer in most prestigious universities, he has received many awards: World Press Photo, the French Chevalier of the National Order of Merit, an Honorary Medal of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He is the author of twelve books. He has spent much of his time in recent years in Kabul, Afghanistan, working with AinaWorld, an NGO he founded. “The world is my field of vision. My images want to express war and peace and the inexpressibility of a moment of poetry. My images want to be the witnesses on my road in the world.” Reza
He is from here and elsewhere, from the East and from the West. At fifteen, he has been around the world several times. Sometimes in actual travel, sometimes by reading one of his many books, and always through the many stories of his father’s adventures. When he was still a baby, he fell asleep to the sound of modern troubadours by the Caspian Sea. When he was a little child, he raced down the streets of Paris on his scooter, glided through the streets of New York on his roller-skates, and rode horseback in Libya. He crossed the Bosporus gazing at seagulls merging with minarets. He played with the lights of a mosque in Cairo dressed like a transient Egyptian child. Later he drew up an imaginary subway map for Kabul. Being the son of a widely traveled man and having accompanied his father on several trips, Delazad learned to see, experience, and feel. Being curious of everything, widely read and a prospective geo-politician, he communicates with government ministers with the same adroitness as he would with a simple beggar. His name, Delazad, means “free soul.”