Massoud, des russes aux taliban, 20 ans de resistance afghaneAhmad Shah Massoud, the “Lion of Panjsher”, was the principal opponent to the Taliban regime from 1996. As early as 1979, Massoud was a war leader and fought for freedom against the soviet invaders. Twenty years resistance, twenty years spent carrying the flame of liberty and attempting to install peace in Afghanistan.

An intimate and realistic portrait of Commander Massoud and the Afghan resistance spanning twenty years emerge in Reza’s photographs, he with whom Massoud “liked to play chess when the canons ceased firing”.

This is a unique epic with commentaries written by Jean-Pierre Perrin, a journalist for Libération and specialist on Afghanistan.

  • Format: 250 x 350 mm
  • Number of pages: 127 pages
  • Date of publication: November 6, 2001
  • ISBN: 2-84612-064-1
  • Publisher : Editions N°1
  • Cover : Flexible

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