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Rêves d’Avenir
Witnesses of their destiny
A photographic exhibition

The Youth Lens project
Youth Lens, a program launched in 2018 by Unicef in Turkey, aims to train 60 syrian refugees and turks from Izmir, Gaziantep and Istanbul to learn the language of the image.
From ages 11 to 18, for four months, these girls and boys are introduced to image storytelling in three urban areas of Turkey. As part of this training, students learn the tools of photography, and become familiar with visual narration to tell their realities and dreams through pictures. They share different aspects of their lives following specific themes to explore; they seize their destinies and project themselves into their futures.
Youths gathered around a common project, learn to share and live together, thus contributing to the social cohesion of their environment. In light of the news, it is fundamental to give resonance to these actions that help build bridges.
The exhibition Rêves d’avenir is an awareness-building tool
This exhibition comes to concretize the actions of training in the language of the image by paying tribute to the photographs of the 60 young people. Behind this event, the challenge is to attract the attention of an international public, to demonstrate the positive impact of the non-formal education program on the daily lives of young people and to stress the importance of the peaceful coexistence that ensues.