Around the World Air RaceOn June 20, 31 airplanes took off for an adventure unprecedented in aviation history.
They would cross 4 continents, 3 oceans , the mysterious land of Siberia and reach Alaska beneath the midnight sun.
The journey would last 24 days.
Reza, award-winning photo journalist, a witness to the world of war and injustice, revolution and insurrection for the past 15 years for Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, Stern, Paris-Match and leading international news organizations.
As for the race from Paris to Peking and back to Paris, he wanted to pay tribute to them, to those possessing the same tenacity as Saint-Exupery, Emler and Mermoz of Aéropostale, to those who took off for a journey around the world.

  • Format: 205 x 305 mm
  • Number of pages: 190 pages
  • Date of publication: November 1992
  • ISBN: « Being processed »
  • Publisher : Imax
  • Cover : Hardback

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