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Exhibition Soul of Coffee - REZA pays tribute to the coffee farmers

On the ancestral roads of the coffee fields, the humanist photographer REZA, after an immersive work of several months, discovers the plantations of India, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

Through the photographer's encounters with the coffee producers, farmers and agronomists, the Soul of Coffee exhibition displays a photographic fresco from within, upon the culture of coffee and the lives of the communities involved in its production. Work, dignity and tradition are highlighted through the actions carried out in plantations.

This exhibition is the result of an exclusive collaboration between REZA and Nespresso, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the AAA for Sustainable Quality Program. Launched in 2003, in partnership with the NGO Rainforest Alliance, it is directly connected with agricultural communities and more than 52,000 farmers. It aims to ensure the supply of the highest quality coffee and sustainability of the coffee supply chain, while contributing to the improvements of living standards for the cultivators and their families.

These visual reports will lead to a series of international events. A selection of photographs will be exposed in all Nespresso boutiques around the world. Major cities will host outdoor exhibitions honoring the work of humans who contributed to the production of coffee. Paris will be one of the cities hosting the exhibition Soul of Coffee on the banks of the Seine River starting June 26th 2013 for a three month period, in partnership with the Mairie de Paris. A website available in 35 languages, will be dedicated to this project, where 5 short videos will be generated. A book on Reza's photography will also be published, by the Michel Lafon editions, and sold in the Nespresso stores this summer. It will then be available in book stores this autumn.

Between poetry and visual testimony, REZA pays tribute to the hands of the people cultivating coffee, as well as the long term commitments to development and quality. From the immaculate flowers to the delicate red cherries that men and women seek on the often abrupt mountainsides, the highly demanding coffee culture is here revealed.