Reza has been travelling the world for more than 20 years. A “pilgrim of authenticity,” he knows how to capture expressions and light on film, as well as memorable moments in the lives and destinies of people in the countries he visits. Published by the prestigious National Geographic magazine, he is the founder of Aina, an NGO that helps Afghan news media.

An Iranian national who was arrested by Savak, the Shah’s political police, because of his photos, Reza spent three years in prison in Iran and is now an exile based in Paris. He was condemned by the Islamic Republic’s mullahs in 1981 for taking photos that exposed the new regime’s abuses.

Reza is supporting Reporters Without Borders by dedicating 100 of his finest photos to the cause of press freedom.

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Size: 210 x 290 mm

Number of pages: 144 pages
Date of publication: September 25, 2008
ISBN: 978-2-915536-72-0
Publisher : Reporters Without Borders
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