Ending poverty

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A Tedx conference at the World BankThe challenge of ending poverty is huge, but with courage, ingenuity, vision and purpose, the goal is within reach. In a tightly choreographed 3.5 hours, TEDxWBG will bring together thinkers and leaders from the worlds of business, art, and technology to share experiences and ideas worth spreading across the world. This first TEDxWBG will explore the theme of “Ending Poverty” from multiple viewpoints in three distinct but related sessions.

  • Session 1: “Reaching the Excluded”
  • Session 2: “Scaling up for Impact”
  • Session 3: “Transformation and Innovation”

Event Details

Where: 1818 H Street NW, Preston Auditorium, Washington, DC Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014 Time: 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

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Visual Art & Education for social change

Save the date conférence SIGEF FINAL HD NEW SITE

Reza’s talk for Horyou conference during the 1st edition of SIGEF

The first edition of the Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF 2014) will take place in Geneva, Switzerland from October 22nd to October 24th, 2014 at the International Conference Centre Geneva (CICG).

This event gathers a global audience of individuals, Organizations and Personalities. It is a place to explore, define, and share new ideas that meet social needs more effectively and create social collaborations.

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A witness of humankind


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Crossing Destinies


MountainFilm in Telluride, Colorado
From May 23rd to May 27th, 2014

Exhibition & conference
by Reza

I met David Holbrooke five years ago in New York, near the Lincoln Centre. I was there to receive the Lucie Award for lifetime achievement in documentary. I had the honor of receiving this award and meeting a number of important figures from the photography world. David, the founder of the MountainFilm in Telluride, Colorado came to New York for this purpose.

We mostly talked about Afghanistan, where David’s father Richard, was on a mission, and where I had spent years on and off in the mountains for a number of stories and also to find and organize my own non-profit organization – Ainaworld – to help revive Afghan media, primarily by empowering and training Afghan women and creating new educational tools for children ..

Our common passion for the mountains, of both Afghanistan and Colorado, brought us together in New York. He eventually invited me for a conference and exhibition at the Festival on May 26th, but I immediately explained that it was my son’s 18th birthday. For many years, I was traveling and missed his birthdays; I couldn’t imagine missing this one.

After a short moment of silence, David told me he understood. As the son of a diplomat, I could easily see in his eyes how precious he found family moments. As a photojournalist for decades, I have often been forced to miss important family gatherings, sometimes in refugee camps with refugees and displaced persons; or on a coffee farm in the high mountains of Guatemala; or visiting AIDS patients in hospitals in African villages…

I am sure that Richard Holbrooke, committed to his diplomatic duties, had also missed some of these events –as many other diplomats, travelers, journalists and photographers around the world.

I am now writing from an airplane between Paris and Dubai, finally getting ready to come to Telluride. I can’t wait to meet with David again, and many other friends. If by chance, you can make it during my week-long stay, it would be a great honor.

MountainFilm in Telluride
From May 23rd to May 27th

Crossing Destinies
Ahh Haa Gallery and School for the Arts
300 South Townsend St., Telluride, CO 81435

The power of image for social change
Reza’s conference : Saturday, May 24th at 9:15 am
Michael D.Palm Theatre, 721 W.Colorado Avenue
Telluride, CO 81435

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Dr. Abdullah Abdulla: Afghanistan’s leading Presidential candidate, by REZA

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Afghanistan – Peace Warriors

site webistan (1)

Dear Friends,

As you know, the digital era and the appearance of such initiatives as crowdfunding can bring about amazing social benefits. It promotes the democratization of ideas and creates truly international communities who can come together over meaningful projects. But that being said, the crowdfunding model implies a principle of competition and creates a race against the clock for money, which often clashes with the values of the projects which are proposed.
Today, many artistic and social projects can be realized step by step. In most cases, we know that it is not necessary to have the entirety of the required funding to launch their dreams.  According to the rules, if we do not receive the targeted amount, we collect nothing ñ thus, sadly, no donations were acquired on our last campaign. However, I remain determined to push on. On the scale of the history of humanity, I am merely a wanderer passing through. I have shouldered the responsibility of committing to a better world. This is why, today, I feel the need to create an interactive e-book, which provides information and education in six languages, in order to show the world the singular life paths of these warriors for peace, who work day in and day out for Afghan freedom.  It is for this reason that I wanted to rethink our methods of managing our collective financing, in collaboration with Indie Voices. We came up with an innovative model, called Flexible Phased Funding, which breaks down the fundraising process to bring it into line with the phases of the project. We have applied this to the Afghanistan Peace Warriors project.  I feel confident that this new form of collective financing will enable even more worthy projects to come to fruition, and I hope that the community of Peace Warriors who are mobilizing around us will now be able to perceive crowdfunding as an opportunity for a long-term commitment.

In friendship,


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“Time in Turkey” Exhibit in New York – 2/9 January 2014

01_0709_00951“Time in Turkey” sounded like a great title when Zaman, a photography publication in Istanbul, invited me, along with 24 internationally acclaimed photographers, to document Turkey in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the creation “Zaman Media”.
I spent four days in December, under heavy and cold rainstorms, to photograph the ceremony of “Ashura” in a middle class suburb west of Istanbul.It was a great collective work experience as most of the photographers were old friends and Istanbul is one of my favorite cities!Our work was then published in a book and has been displayed in exhibitions around the world.The last stop for exhibition: Grand Central Station in NYC…NOW!

If you are in New York in the coming days, I believe it will be warmer inside Grand Central Station than outside… and, you will have the chance to enjoy “Time in Turkey!”

“Time in Turkey” Photography Exhibition – Grand Central Terminal, Vanderbilt Hall East Side, New York, 2-9 January 2014.

More information : https://www.facebook.com/events/1399777756935777/

You could see my interview and pictures here : http://www.timeinturkey.org/?p=photographer&l=21

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The winners of the “My Vision” Contest organized by Reza

Jury Prize

First : Florence Avdibegovic

Florence Avdibegovic prix jury 1er prix

Second : Stéphane Duquesnoy

Stéphane Duquesnoy prix du jury 2eme prix

Third : John Edward Heaton

John Edward Heaton prix jury 3emePublic Prize : Lea Chomette


Lea Chomette prix public

Instagram Prize : Hervé Bois

Hervé Bois prix Instagram

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Reza to speak at the Université Populaire du Voyage!

Reza has the honor of being the first guest to speak at the Université Populaire du Voyage. Reza will give a lecture on the theme: “A committed Journey” on December 3rd in Albertville (Savoie) at 8:30pm, Salle de Maistre, 4 route de Pallud.
72- AfghanistanLesAmesRebelles©REZAPPT (1)
The Université Populaire du Voyage, under the auspices of Grand Bivouac, offers free lectures, open to the public, to delve into themes related to travel from philosophical, sociological and historical perspectives. In a parallel program, meetings will be organized with the school and specific audiences: teachers, businesses, associations.

Admission is free, but you must register on-line:

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