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From October 3, to November 4, 2011

Arte - Afghanistan 10 years 100 visions - Massoud by Reza

Commemorating the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Commander Massoud, the media are back on a decade of war, upheaval and hope in Afghanistan. Reza wanted to join the webdocumentary project produced by Arte Reportage. On the web platform, “Afghanistan: 10 years, 100 visions” provides daily broadcast of in-house produced videos, but also creations by young Afghan filmmakers, the famous filmmaker Barmak Akram and Reza.
Through the first module “Resistance“, Reza shares his memories of a deep friendship with the late leader of the Afghan resistance, bringing a new perspective on the resilience of the Afghan people and the struggle of Massoud and his men against the Russian invaders and later the Taliban.

Sharing the spirit of training in information and communication skills provided by NGO Ainaworld for the past 10 years, this multimedia platform dedicated to Afghanistan will give voice to Afghans.

Follow the broadcast of Reza’s video modules :

The Southern Drug Route
Uploaded October 10, 2011

Travel on the drug route from Afghanistan to
Pakistan, between culture and hell.

In the Heart of a US-Camp
Uploaded October 17, 2011

Story of a clash of cultures, soil
misunderstanding and hatred.

A Culture of War
Uploaded October 28, 2011

Tribal areas: daily life in a village of
weapons makers.

The Sorrow of War
Uploaded October 31, 2011

War Memoirs of Reza, the reporter.

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