Fardin Waezi, one of the first photographers who has been trained by Aina NGO, exhibits his photos in Queen’s Palace in Baghe Babur. Photographic exhibition, “Views of Kabul”, brings several photographers together. On behalf of the Tate Modern and the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Fardin Waezi invites you cordially to take different look at Afghan capital between 6th and 28th march 2011.

Aina is the NGO founded by Reza in 2001, aiming to train the locals and empowers individuals and communities to promote reconstruction, restoration of peace, stability and civility. He supervised in 2006 a photo training program for 60 adolescent refugees from Rwanda, in collaboration with National Geographic Photo Camp and the International Medical Corps in 2006. Reza carried on the same project in refugees camps in Iraq. He is currently planning photographs workshop in Burkina Faso, which would be followed by the creation of a big “International Centre of Visual Media”. In Ethiopia, with the collaboration of Unicef and Sony World Photography,  he teached in 2010 the local visual media professionals to train adolescents. Last in 2010 but not least, the launch of a training program in visual media for a hundred teenagers has been created, in one of the most deprived suburbs of Sicily. This will eventually lead to the creation of an open air museum on the unseen walls of the apartment blocks. We hope to see the birth of other talents like Fardin Waezi around the world.

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