At the eve of Afghanistan’s second free presidential election after the Taliban, Reza has followed the top challenging candidate, Dr. Abdullah

On August 20th, 2009, Afghanistan will have its second free presidential election running since the fall of the Taliban in November, 2001.

Eight years later, while violence has never really ceased, foreign troops even increasing their military operations, and Taliban stepping up terror on citizens to boycot the ballot, many Afghans, still consider this election as an opportunity of expressing themselves. For many others, it is a gauge to measure the progress of the political transition and the development of a free and open society.

In the past weeks, during the campaign, Reza has followed Dr. Abdullah, former foreign minister, who has emerged as President Hamid Karzai’s top challenger. Considered as one of the most “daring” candidates by western media for always campaigning on the field, this physician of mixed Tajik-Pashtun parents represents a hope of ethnic peace and modernity for many.

A selection of these photos are available on Webistan Archives and Pixpalace:

Afghanistan 2009 Presidential Election: Portrait of Dr. Abdullah, the Challenger

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