Nos Humanités

Posted on Nov 16 2021

Plantu & Reza, Regards croisés

Posted on Sep 23 2021
 Plantu & Reza / Regards Croisés. A book to be published by Editions Gallimard on october 28th...


Posted on Sep 23 2021
Exhibition Renaissance. On a plural and dignified humanity. The artistic installation Renaissance has...

Crossing destinies

Posted on Sep 23 2021
Exhibition Crossing destinies One day, we opened a window to the world. We its sorrows there and we...

Rebellious souls

Posted on Sep 23 2021
Exhibition Rebellious souls Extract from a logbook of an announced resistance. Today, Afghanistan,...

Human & Nature

Posted on May 19 2021
An open air exhibition in the city of Rochechouart in the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine, in France on...

Iran, Rêves et Dérives

Posted on Oct 10 2019


Posted on Oct 02 2019
As part of the Rennes Learnings Show, REZA is one of the speakers of these meetings. He gives a lecture...


Posted on Oct 02 2019
REZA will be in Tulle for the opening of its exhibition (2 to 17 November 2019) Dreams of Humanity co-organized...


Posted on Sep 27 2019
In parallel with its policy of collection prints, the Webistan agency renews its special sale operation...

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