Echos d’ici, Echos d’ailleurs

Posted on Oct 09 2017
Dedicated to the filmmaker Christophe de Ponfilly, the Echos d’ici, Echos d’ailleurs Festival...


Posted on Sep 25 2017
Since 1980, the photographer Reza has been doing a long-term project on the Kurdish people. In 2013,...

Urban Voices

Posted on Sep 12 2017
In the neighborhoods of Ejército de los Andes (Fuerte Apache) and Villas 21-24, the photo-training...

Windows of the Soul

Posted on Sep 12 2017
Patients from the Sainte Anne psychiatric hospital invite the photographer Reza to exhibit.

One World, One Tribe

Posted on Mar 21 2017

UNICEF’s 70th Anniversary

Posted on Nov 17 2016
Every year, on 20 November, the world comes together to celebrate child rights. This year is special...

SOLIDAYS Festival is inviting REZA!

Posted on Jun 15 2016
Resistances is a tribute to the rebel souls that the photographer encountered on the roads, around...

CONFERENCE: The power of images

Posted on Jun 13 2016
  In parallel to Reza’s exhibition “One World, One Tribe” The photographer Reza has always...

Conference – The Kedge Business School

Posted on Apr 15 2016
For the second time, I am glad to come to the Kedge Business School in Marseille, an institution that...

The FIGRA (International Documentary Festival)

Posted on Apr 01 2016
Reza and Webistan photo agency supports the FIGRA (International Documentary Festival) in the city of...

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