Plantu & Reza / Regards Croisés.

A book to be published by Editions Gallimard on october 28th 2021.

80 unpublished works by Plantu and Reza, privileged witnesses of the events of recent decades, which bring their humanist gaze to the world, calling for peace and dialogue, Plantu and Reza have started a fruitful collaboration in recent years, following their desire to carry out work community, to marry their two views on the world and their modes of expression. They imagined nearly eighty works associating the drawings of one with the photographs of the other. These creations, commented by Plantu and Reza, are brought together in this work for the first time. We find subjects dear to the two artists: the rights of women and children, the environment, the upheavals of the world, the stakes of power and, of course, the defense of freedom of expression. In opening, a text by the writer and art critic Pierre Bongiovanni presents the unique work of these two keen observers and fervent pacifists.