On the ancestral roads of the coffee fields, the humanist photographer Reza, after an immersive work of several months, discovers the plantations of India, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia and South Sudan, supported since 2003 by the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ program.

Through the testimonies of the photographer and the coffee producers, farmers and agronomists, this book shows the voice and perspective coming from the community involved in the production of coffee. Work, dignity and tradition are highlighted through the actions carried out in plantations. Between poetry and visual testimony, Reza honors the hands of the people cultivating the coffee, as well as the long term commitments to development and to quality. From the immaculate flowers to the delicate red cherries that men and women seek on the often abrupt mountainsides, the highly demanding coffee culture is here revealed.

Soul of Coffee by Reza. Texts by Rachel Deghati. Michel Lafon Publishing, 159 p., 2013. Available in bookstore from september 26th 2013.

Format : 210 x 150 mm
Number of pages : 250 pages
Date of publication : Septembre 26, 2013
ISBN : 978-2749920511
Publisher : Michel Lafon
Cover : hard

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