Exhibition Crossing destinies

One day, we opened a window to the world. We its sorrows there and we became attached to its beauty. 

The multiple paths taken by the photographer Reza for 40 years, between wars and peace, have led him to meet children, women and men whose unique destiny has marked him. Close to each of them, to the point of feeling their suffering as well as their joy, he recounts, thanks to this universal alphabet that is photography, their human memories. Beyond borders, cultural diversity, murderous wars, his images do not tell the only sad observation of mutilated lives. If they are witnesses, they tend to show the smile behind the tears, the beauty behind the tragedy, the ever stronger life. This exhibition of photographs taken in France and around the world, tells the story of our human family and pays special homage to women.

Observance Chapel in the city of Draguignan

October 1st 2021 – January 8th 2022

A lecture will be given by Reza in october (Date to be determined)